VR Altar Care

This important service involves both the preparation and cleanup of communion elements to be served at the two Sunday worship services. You’ll also make sure that Christ candle is filled with oil and change altar paraments as required for the liturgical seasons. You and the other group participants pick the months you will fulfill the task, and do it for the entire month. We need two volunteers to join the service rotation now. Training will be provided, as necessary. Click here to volunteer for this worthy position.

Service Summary

Service Type: Service-Oriented

Skills Needed: Organization, reliability

Gifts: Helps

Opportunity: 1 hour, you take a month at a time

Ministry Coordinator: Julie Botzong 310-831-9062

VR Altar Care Schedule
VR Altar Care Contacts

This list should be viewable only to those already on the service team. If you have any problems viewing the table, email Dave.