Congregational Sing Along

Welcome to our Virtual Congregational Sing!

Thank you for your participation in this new, fun project.

I know that technology can be daunting, but you can do this.

  1. We will be joining in singing the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Open the picture of the music by clicking here. Or go to this website for the music. (
  2. Open and listen to the track we have recorded by clicking here. Listen to it a few times and get comfortable with it.
  3. You will need two devices: one for playing the music and the other for recording. For example, you can listen to the music through your computer using headphones, while recording a movie on the cellphone. Or use one phone to listen to the music through headphones, while the other phone records your singing and your image.
  4. Notice that you need to be listening to the original track with headphones. This is important for a final “clean” combined recording.
  5. Sing along with our track and record yourself. If you can harmonize, feel free, if not then sing the melody with Mary, the songleader.
  6. Get your recorded movie track to Ascension Lutheran by uploading it to this Google drive. Click here.
  7. If you have any trouble uploading it, please contact Andrea Hendrickson, and she will help you.
  8. Please have this done by April 27th, so we can have it ready for use during the Sunday, April 29 streaming services.

I know that you might think you are not a singer. While it’s true that we may vary in our musical gifts, it’s important that we all lift our voices to praise God in song. Join this choir and blend with all of the other voices to form God’s choir!

See you -- and hear you -- in Cyberspace.

Pastor Scott Hawkins

Ascension Lutheran Church